About ECHS Deming!

ECHS will be taking 60 more students this Fall. Please call if you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter. (575)543-1643 or (575)545-3807. Or e-mail: ECHS E-Mail

The goal of ECHS is to have your child graduate high school with an Associate Degree from Western New Mexico University. This is real. This is a huge savings on the cost of college AND it guarantees your child’s future income will be higher.

“The AIR researchers conducted a cost-benefit analysis and argued the return on this investment is 15 to 1, thanks to expected higher salaries…More than half of that benefit is (that) students earn higher salaries over the course of their lifetimes. Adults with four-year degrees earn an additional $392,000 over their lifetimes on average compared to high school graduates.”…Jill Barshay and The Hechinger Report, focused on inequality and innovation in education.

Your child CAN graduate from Early College High School with a college associate degree! Call or e-mail today and we will work with you to get enrolled.