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Performance Data: Fall 2018

The Early College High School is only in its 1st year but already we are seeing great student achievement! Our Fall EOC (End of Course) Results were very high:

                Algebra 1 Proficiency:                   96%

                NM History Proficiency:               99%


Of even more significance were our Fall PARCC scores:

                Algebra 1:                                            76%

                Language Arts 1:                               61%

These PARCC scores place us in competition with some of the elite private and charter high schools in the state of New Mexico. We had two students who aced PARCC outright with perfect scores! These data points confirm our belief that we are on the right track with excellent instruction and high academic expectations.


Some other milestones have been:

·         Successfully partnering with WNMU & Luna County to start a brand new school from scratch.

·         Establishing a Parent Teacher Student Association which has immediately started supporting the students.

·         Creating a charter and electing officers for our Student Leadership Council.

·         Registering for the NMSU Student Leadership conference in March.

·         7 students have already completed Dual Credit classes and received college credit.


The Early College High School is on track for success!


By Bryan Simpson

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